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How to buy a diamond: the 4 Cs

How to buy a diamond: the 4 Cs

Every season is diamond season because there every day is a great day to celebrate love. Did you know that 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day? Well, you know what that means: time to get that diamond!

Here are the 4 things you need to know when it comes to diamond shopping. It’s important to know that the grading system used is the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) because it is one of the best and most accurate ways to measure the quality of a diamond. GIA certification is imperative and at MyDiamonds all of our diamonds are certified and highest quality.


Things to look for are in cut is that the dimensions are well proportioned. Every surface and facet must be well positioned so that the sparkle is there at every angle. This helps determine the beauty and price of the diamond, but also so that the diamond is at its most brilliant.


Almost every diamond has colour. It’s super rare to find a diamond that doesn’t have naturally occurring grey, white, yellow, brown or pink. Of course, the absence of colour increases the value, but when colour is present, it is important to grade it. Also, remember, how a diamond is set can affect the colour.  


That brings us to clarity. There are always little imperfections. That is what makes each stone unique. The flaws are called blemishes and those can be found on the surface, while the defects that are more internal are called inclusions. Remember, inclusions give character to the diamond and even though the highest clarity is the best, it is also extremely rare. No diamond is perfect, it’s mostly important to have a point of view on what’s most valuable to you when choosing your diamond.


Finally, we get to carat – the weight of a diamond (not to be confused with the size). Some wear their diamond like a status symbol – big and heavy, but the truth is, it’s more important to have a balance rock that sparkles then to have a big old diamond that’s cloudy, poorly cut and filled with flaws.

A combo of each of the 4 Cs is vital to the purchase of a diamond and it is equally as important to know these 4 Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) when going into a convo with an expert. Know what you are looking for and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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