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Wedding Ready

Wedding Ready

With wedding season well underway, you probably have your dresses, jewelry and shoes at the ready. But in our humble opinion, each occasion requires a different look. And spicing up that little black dress or float floral maxi is all about the little things. In this case, the little things are those stunning diamonds on either side of your face.

You guessed it - earrings are the perfect wedding accessory to make not only your formal attire pop, but also contour your jawline and accentuate that sparkle. Everything from studs and hoops to diamonds and precious gems, an earring for every look!

If you’re the bride, perhaps your earrings are telling the tale of tradition or something borrowed. Or, perhaps your ears are the perfect opportunity for something new! Small studs are our suggestion for bridal looks as it’s a way to pull everything together without calling too much attention - especially if you’ve chosen to wear your hair up.

If you’re in the bridal party, perhaps the bride has gifted earrings to all of you - a souvenir to cherish from her monumental celebration. But if not, here’s your chance to express yourself with something different to stand out from the other bridesmaids. A pop of colour or a dangling hoop, the options are endless. 

Finally, as a guest, the world is your oyster. Your jewelry is your chance to express yourself beyond simply your dress, shoes and hair. Maybe you have your go-to jewels you reach for in special occasions, but each wedding is another opportunity to diamond-up and dazzle. Consider the shape of your earrings and how it adds to the look and then consider your hairstyle - hair down? Maybe a long dangling earring. Hair up? Studs, statement pieces and everything in between!

How’s your earring game? Click here to find the perfect earrings for every occasion.

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