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When Is the Perfect Time to Start Giving Your Daughter Diamond Jewelry?

When Is the Perfect Time to Start Giving Your Daughter Diamond Jewelry?

When to start giving your daughter diamond jewelry is a big decision. First, it depends on whether or not you can afford it. Second, consider if your daughter will wear the jewelry right away or if you will keep it stored away as an investment. Third, your daughter’s sense of responsibility will come into play as you consider if she’s ready to own something as precious as a pair of diamond earrings or a solitaire diamond ring.

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. Even if you don’t fancy too many material things, you still want the best that money can buy for your kids. This desire isn’t about winning them over with gifts or spoiling them. You just have a very natural longing to give your kids all the nicest things.

Giving Jewelry to Newborns

So, you may ask yourself when would be the best time to start giving your daughter expensive diamond jewelry. Newborn girls typically receive a pair of stud earrings with their birthstones from their mothers or grandmothers. When they turn a year old, they might be given another pair of earrings. Some parents even go as far as making their babies wear gold bracelets.

Parents sometimes feel the newborn stage is the perfect time to invest and spend on jewelry because soon, the kids will start school, and budgets will be tighter.

While no one would stop parents from giving jewelry to their baby girls, using common sense may discourage it. It would be dangerous to give diamond jewelry to newborns because they might pick on it and swallow the studs. If you really want to buy diamond jewelry for your baby girl, you can do so as an investment. Store it away in a safe place, so that you can give it to her as a present when she’s older and more responsible.

When’s the Perfect Age for Kids to Have Jewelry?

The more appropriate consideration is perhaps if your kids are responsible enough to take care of their things. If they show a sense of responsibility at an early age, then you can start giving them jewelry at seven or eight years old. The ideal age to give your daughter jewelry, however, is at least 12 years old, just before becoming a teenager. A nice eternity ring might be the perfect gift to celebrate her transition to the teen years.

Another thing to consider is if they already understand the value of a gift. Some gifts represent something sentimental, such as heirloom jewelry passed on from one generation to the next. Your daughter needs to understand that jewelry is more than a piece of expensive bauble because it comes with precious memories.

Jewelry can also be an investment. If your daughter understands that the value of a solitaire ring will increase in the future, she may be ready to receive jewelry as a gift. This mature understanding of precious items is why most parents opt to give their daughters expensive diamond jewelry when they’re older, around 17 or 18 years old. They can bring their daughters to a diamond jewelry store, so they can pick jewelry that best describes them.

The Takeaway

Diamond jewelry is one of the most precious gifts you can give your daughters. As long as they understand the value of diamonds and know how to take care of them, they can treasure these precious pieces for a long time. A good diamond jeweler can even create custom heirloom pieces your daughters can pass on to their children and grandchildren.

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