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Our commitment to providing excellent product is rivaled only by our dedication to offering excellent service. From the shopping experience and the customer service to packaging and final product, has a sparkle only your smile can match!

Effective. (Cost-Effective, that is)

With all of our inventory housed online, we have no overhead, so our costs are the lowest possible number you can find! Committed to delivering a cost-effective luxury, we design, manufacture and ship all of our jewelry from our Montreal location. At low prices like ours, why stop at just one piece!?


The search is over. We have what you’re looking for! Shopping for jewelry has never been so easy. Our online shop is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Browse any time you want and get a feel for what the jewelry truly looks like with our authentically photographed (and detailed!) product images. Add to cart one day, and kick back and relax… your package is on its way!

Exquisite designs the finest, most exquisite jewelry. From necklaces, rings, bracelets, and everything in between, you’ll be decked out and adorned head-to-toe with some of the trendiest and most classic pieces. Our master jewelers shape, polish and set each and every piece by hand. Carefully inspecting the final product before shipment, assuring our loyal customers of the care that goes into your jewelry.

Dazzling you for a lifetime, is your one-stop shop for excellent quality diamonds, at the most cost-effective price. Shopping made easy… the only problem now is, when to stop!?

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