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Canadian through and through, ensures that the entire process, from designing and shaping to setting and polishing, is all done in-house at our downtown office. Located in Montreal’s city centre,’s dedicated team work passionately to see to it that your precious jewelry is created at the highest possible quality.


We practice what we preach: we believe in providing opportunity to our local community, and lucky for us, some of the most skilled craftsmen are here in Montreal. At our polishers, setters, shapers and designers are all experts in their trade—homegrown and supremely talented—we guarantee to deliver your jewelry one cut above the rest (excuse the pun!). 


By manufacturing everything in-house, we deliver benefits you could only dream of: 


  • Master craftsmen, all brilliant in their own right 
  • Experts working together, feeding off one another’s energy
  • Cost-effective product, no outsourcing means lower prices, we did the math! is your one-stop-shop to the finest jewelry around, available all over North America at the click of a button. Canada’s greatest at your fingertips.

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